I prayed for this
Prayed for 9 times.


I am coming again for prayer. I really need prayer warriors fervently praying for me because I don’t know whats going on. What i do know is that there are very weird energies at the place I chose to move to. I don’t fear for my safety but I feel in my spirit that something just is not right. I am almost sure I am being harassed and watched. I know it sounds crazy but i have a spirit of discernment and too many things that I have googled in regards to the situation add up. I need prayer that God really protects and covers me and puts a stop to whatever is going on. I thought it was just me but there are too many coincidences in regards to the situation. Please pray for me. Thank you

Received: May 04, 2021

I prayed for this Prayer answered
Prayed for 9 times.