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Asking for prayer over the situation with my son’s SSI. They sent out a notice saying that my son won’t get any payment for July. I have cooperated with Social Security and I have been reporting my husband’s wages each month and we make under the amount needed for my disabled son to qualify. This is frustrating. On top of it, SSI is saying that they overpaid us and we owe them $1300. This was no fault of our own since we have been reporting the wages every month. So there should be no reason that this is our fault. I am going to fill out a waiver/ request for reconsideration over all of this mess and I’m just asking that you would please join me in prayer that this would all get straightened out for us. Thanks to everyone in advance for your prayers over this! I’m praying for Jesus to show up and to provide clarity and wisdom for whoever is handling my son’s SSI paperwork/case. Also please pray over our finances. I think a lot of people are having a difficult time with the higher gas prices and the inflation that’s going on everywhere. We’re a single income family. I stay home with my 2 disabled children. Pray that God continues to provide and to take care of our needs.

Received: Jun 22, 2022

I prayed for this Prayer answered
Prayed for 15 times.