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A couple months ago my mother went in to the doctor with a case of shingles. It was during testing then that it was discovered she also has cervical cancer and stage 2 liver cancer. After her 1st chemo treatment, she was so ill my dad had her taken to emergency via ambulance. She recovered enough to have her 2nd chemo treatment, but the next day he again took her to emergency due to pain and it was discovered her colon had ruptured. She had emergency surgery, but is now in ICU waiting to finish the colostomy surgery because her heartbeat is too irregular for them to proceed with the 2nd surgery. Tonight I am wondering how much more she can possibly tolerate, emotionally speaking, as well as physically. My prayer request, of course is for complete healing. But more importantly, I am asking for prayers for salvation. I know only God knows someone’s heart, and it is my hope that she is genuinely saved. But if she is, it has never been obvious to me, like it is with other people. I like to think God is using this sickness and this trial to draw her to Him. My circle of friends that know Christ is small, so thank you for having this wall and thank you to each of you that are praying.

Received: Apr 26, 2021

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Thank you, everyone, for praying. My mother passed away on the 19th, but I have reason to believe she was saved. Prayers for my dad during this time are still appreciated. Thank you and God bless you. ❤

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Prayed for 34 times.