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For judgment. I just turned 13 years old and in middle school judgment can hit hard. You don’t realize how worried you are that people will judge you until you realize every intention behind the things you are doing and why. Brings 13 year old girl is hard in a world like this. I pray that Jesus our Lord will take this burden off of me. But not my will, His. If He has intentions to grow me through this, then He does, but if not then I cry out to you Lord, that you will help me. Thank you for all the prayers! They mean so much! 😊

Received: Feb 22, 2021

God answered this prayer request. This is how:

Each prayer that comes in make me feel more and more blessed and Loved! I can feel God little by little install confidence and boldness in me each day. Not only as a person but as Gods child. He is also helping me be more bold about sharing the gospel. ❤️ I pray that what ever situation/season you are in that you will know that if is for a reason. That reason will ultimately be a stepping stooge to your greater purpose. Thank you sooooo much for the prayers. Y’all are the best! Thank you so much! (If you haven’t heard WayFm is having a fundraiser. If you haven’t donated then you totally should. Wayfm helps me so much. All I want is it to do the same for others) 😀

I prayed for this Prayer answered
Prayed for 37 times.