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I am in need of prayers for my baby. She’s not even 2, and is having some health issues related to asthma, allergies, and reflux. She had food sensitivities that cause horrible stomach issues and diaper rashes. Right now she’s really going through it with the rashes and stomach irritation. She has also got a facial rash that we can’t get rid of. We’ve been to the pediatrician and the allergist for both aspects and keep walking away with no answers other than band aid fixes. She’s too little to go through with reliable allergy testing, so for another couple of years we are caught in this merry go round of trying to guess what the triggers are and how to contain the symptoms, as we can’t identify the solution without knowing the problem. It’s maddening. Despite all this, she has the best disposition and is such a happy baby. That’s what makes the situation worse; because I just want her to live a life without these continued issues. I believe God can still heal her. I’m just worn out, weary and broken for her. I could use some other believers to come alongside my family and me to commit to carrying her to Christ, along with us. I am hopeful for stability, comfort, and true healing.

Received: Nov 21, 2021

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Prayed for 21 times.