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Prayers for marriage. So many things. I started a full time job a week and a half ago. Since then, my husband’s two part time jobs have diminished hours. There is more driving and hassle than anything else. He constantly complains, and literally is home more than me, yet won’t do anything around the house. He sleeps and lays around and I come home, and because we have one vehicle, I have to take him to his night job for 2-4 hours so I can get him to work after my job on time, and I end up getting no sleep. He is harsh, mean, and refuses to help me. He has no compassion or empathy as I have a health condition. He now has the opportunity to work more hours but literally wants to just be lazy and have me work. I am at the point of wanting to leave him.
He never is nice, he looks at everything else but me when we are out together, and he never compliments me, but loves to tell me everything I do wrong. I am asking for prayers for my heart and for strength. That the Lord would bring his heart to correction and convict him for his behavior. That he would “wake up” and see the enemy in his mind, and choose rhe Lord and love me as Christ does. That he would work again, and also work at our marriage.

Received: Jul 12, 2020

I prayed for this Prayer answered
Prayed for 8 times.