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Hey everyone I could really use prayer for hope and understanding. About a month ago my former best friend of 5 years said we needed space without telling me a lot of information on why, I tried asking questions after the fact to have a bit more closure and understanding but it seemed it made things a bit worse. I’ve wanted to try to make amends but I’ve been giving her space and haven’t talked to or seen her in over a month. Its been a very hard month, I’ve struggled with my depression and its been really hard to not think about what I could of done differently over the past years or why she would of done this. Friendships are something I hold very dearly, so this has been a very difficult process. I would appreciate prayer for both of us that God is using this situation for our good, and prayer for her that whatever may be going on, that she finds comfort, wisdom, and clarity in God. Thank you.

Received: Jul 31, 2020

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Prayed for 6 times.