I prayed for this
Prayed for 5 times.


Lord, today has been a day FULL of miracles for me. I’m asking the same for my brother. We’ve gone through many months of anxiety. Lord, let this is over with by the end of the month – no continuations, just a fresh, clean slate. Lord, I pray that he feels your presence and you’d give him a sense of peace beyond understanding. Prayers for my parent that feels every step with them and is going through this fire. That they would be free from anxiety and stress. There’s no vacancy for satan in this place. To new beginnings. That tomorrow everything would go well and we would be on our way to a new start even there. He’s got a few major calls coming up and decisions to make. Let us make the right decisions, Lord. But, most importantly, please give us BREAKTHROUGH. Let him stay in his career field. Let the enemy flee. Let him have the ability to cross over into his dream area of this career. Give us hope, Lord. We’ve seen you show up in only ways you can. Please continue to show up and let us see you’re still in this and you aren’t finished. Thank you for all the ways you’ve protected us. Please continue to be with us and let us have grace, mercy, and this all to be over with. Amen.

Received: Aug 15, 2022

I prayed for this Prayer answered
Prayed for 5 times.