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I have asked for prayer here about a problem that became present with my eyes back in November and was healed. Praise the Lord!

A similar problem happened on Father’s Day weekend while out of town. I was highly allergic to some pollen in the area and got an allergy in my eyes. This continued on unbeknownst to me in that the pollen got into my mascara so when I tried it weeks later, I reinfected my eyes. So I have undergone many Rx to deal with allergy and infection. And that issue is healed.

Something bigger was revealed. I learned I had an issue of eight years that God wants to heal. I got referred to an eye specialist after seven weeks of eye pain who said I have many problems, the biggest is that I need an “eye lift” because my eyelids are resting right on top of my eyelashes causing me absolute distress because they grow oddly, poke me in the eye, and connect often with the lower lashes. Eyelashes are keeping my eyelids back which is too much mechanics for them. Miracles already. Consult w/surgeon is expedited for 9/1. Need new miracle…surgery soon so I can be on the road to recovery and no more disruption of “life” Jesus intends for me. God’s promise coming, please pray it in!

Received: Sep 29, 2022

God answered this prayer request. This is how:

Yesterday morning was critical to my well being as I knew I was going to see new doctor and the anxiety of the conversation "what if's" tried to mount. The Lord put "Weary Traveler" on my mind and I listened by looking at a graphic being drawn in the video. Because I was watching the graphic I heard a new line that popped out to me, "Heaven's healing is going to find where all the hurt is." I knew that the new doctor was going to find all the pain I am experiencing and know why and what to do about it. I knew that I was going to be heard like no other doctor had done at that point. I also heard lyric, "no more searching" in other words God had led me to him and I wasn't going to have to keep searching for a doctor, he was it. God had selected him. So I went to appointment and I had to fight anxiety trying to rear it's ugly head and I mean actively "stay in the moment" by naming colors I saw on the road and in the exam room until he walked in so that anxiety could not hook onto anything and present me with a worry because that is what anxiety will do. He walked in so tall and kind and spoke my name as if he already knew me. He guided the questions so skillfully and with care and he examined my eyes. Then he said eyelift surgery was not his recommendation and would be considered cosmetic and not paid by insurance. I clarified that I am not upset with how I look. He said then what is it? I said that the foreign body sensation is so pervasive and miserable and that I want relief. He said the most amazing thing, "Then I definitely don't recommend it because it will make that sensation worse! That sensation is from the severity of your dry eye disease." He recommended easy, extra things to do to improve it that I have never heard before from an ophthalmologist. And he said that I have some ingrown eyelashes and some that he thinks will reveal that in six weeks. He listened intently when I shared how miserable they feel and agreed with me. He explained how he will remove them permanently if I want him to do it. Oh yes, I wanted him! And he said make an appointment for six weeks and he will do it then, no more waiting. And said if it gets intolerable beforehand to call and he will squeeze me in and do it then. And he reached out and touched my shoulder to minister compassion and it moved me. Appointment made. I have a new doctor who listened to me and found every pain and will help and care for me. No more searching. Heaven healed me and found where ALL the hurt is. A miracle was DELIVERED on September 28. 2022. I am going to be fine, so very fine. Praise the name of Jesus!!!!

I prayed for this Prayer answered
Prayed for 57 times.