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This community faithfully prayed for my now 14 y.o. daughter last year this time when she was struggling with really dark forces trying to destroy her. God rescued her and she’s come a long way! I call her Sunshine Girl because since a young age it’s been evident that God gave her a voice and a confidence unlike girls her age. Satan has been attacking her hard for several years trying to beat her down bully after bully and last year it looked and felt like he was winning. Last month we moved 1200 miles to be closer to family and one of her closest friends before she starts h.s. Once again there has been drama and darkness as her best friend lied to her about some pretty small things but it all imploded. God has a purpose and plan for her life and I think she’s supposed to help girls around her age to find their voice and speak up for themselves and to encourage them but the father of lies is trying mightily to squelch her purpose and pull her away from our Father. PLEASE pray with me over Allie that she will quickly find good, kind, healthy, God fearing friends, mentors, and teachers in h.s. and that she will fall back in love with her Father. Thank you!! ❤

Received: Aug 13, 2022

God answered this prayer request. This is how:

Wowewow! Boy did God answer our prayers big time! Allie went to her Freshman orientation yesterday. She was nervous but brave. Rather than succumb to a percolating anxiety attack she quickly complimented a girl on her pants instead. Turns out like Allie, Emma had moved to the area 2 weeks ago from another state and was equally as nervous. They became instant friends. They also sought out other girls who appeared nervous, sad, or scared and formed a group. ❤ In the few hours that she was there she formed friendships, faced and handled a bully situation (girl who pushed her twice - girl ended up apologizing), and had quite a bit of attention from boys requesting her number to which she declined all but one who actually seemed genuine and nice. She gushed about her experience when I picked her up sharing, "it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be." She also made a couple of older friends one of whom based on her actions of staying later after school solely to take any students home that miss the bus ❤ (and she works at Chick-fil-A) certainly sounds like she's a Christian. follower. Yay, God! And thank you all so much for your prayers! They've been heard and answered and are no doubt still a work in progress.

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Prayed for 28 times.