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Here lately I’ve just been struggling to feel like I’m even worthy to be living. I feel like I’m an awful mother, awful girlfriend, awful daughter, awful sister. Just all together awful I’ve been stuck in the cycle of depression for I can’t tell you how long. It gets better and then there are days like today I just feel like I don’t know. If you struggle with depression you’ll understand the feeling of just not knowing how to feel. The feeling of numbness. The feeling of not knowing what tomorrow is going to hold, not knowing if you’re going to have a great day and be happy or if you’re going to still have to put on that brave face and feel like you’re slowly drifting away and dying inside. I need prayers for helping with my depression with my anxiety. I need prayers for my life in general. I need prayers. I can find a counselor that will accept my insurance. I need prayers that I’m my depression lowers. I just need prayers in general for everything.

Received: Apr 14, 2021

I prayed for this Prayer answered
Prayed for 19 times.